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Enjoy a stroll in our indoor walking path that makes you feel like you’re outside.
The blue sky and white clouds are beautiful, and the store fronts are fun to look at.

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Adult Day Care & Respite Program


Arbor Rose offers an adult day care & respite program for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Arbor Rose memory care homes feature a long list of benefits and amenities for your loved one.

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Our Why is to help people in a home-like setting.
Our Mission is to provide Person-Centered Care for the people and families we serve.
Our Passion is to glorify GOD in all we do.

To love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart
and sing it to them when they have forgotten.
– Author Unknown

At Arbor Rose, we thank God for:

  • sharing his love with us
  • creating an amazing team of healthcare heroes
  • helping us carry out our mission
  • empowering us to be better everyday
  • guiding our success
  • giving us hope of a great future

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Arbor Rose Adult Day Care and Memory Care Home of Charleston was featured in the Eastern Daily News! Click the buttons below to read about our first "Carnival" we hosted on Sunday, July 16 from noon to 3 p.m.

Arbor Rose of Tolono has been nominated for the 2020 People's Choice award under the health and wellness category for being a recognizable business by the general public.

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For Tours, Information or Referrals, call 833-5MEMORY / 833-563-6679.
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The family thanks the staff at Arbor Rose and Harbor light hospice for helping Lois live her last days in comfort and surrounded by love. Even with the restrictions of Covid, they helped her live life fully to the end. Lois taught us many things in her long life. Her last lesson as she has lived at Arbor Rose the last 4 1/2 years, was to show us that it’s possible to live with dementia and with dignity, with grace, with good humor, with love.


I am very satisfied with the care my mom receives at Arbor Rose. I think she is treated respectfully and compassionately.
We were looking through some photos the other night. They were taken before my mom moved in. She didn’t look very good in them. She looked confused, distraught, and unhappy. Now, she looks (and is) happier and more content. I know she feels “safe” and comfortable at Arbor Rose. I feel better knowing that she is being well-taken care of. Thank you for all that you do!


Thank you, Lord, for letting me find Arbor Rose in Monticello. My husband, Gene, is so happy there now, and is eating so well!

MaryEllyn F.

There are no words to describe the care you gave to our grandma over the past 2 years. She loved living there and loved the people that watched over her daily. Thank you for helping her live out her final years with happiness and health. Your facility is truly a blessing to our community. I am always recommending you to others. We will miss our family gatherings, but her absence will open a spot for the next person to join your family at Arbor Rose.

Tonya H.

An amazing place! They are all like family to each other and me! A concept with creative interaction that is like no other facility I’ve been in.

J. C. J.

My mother, Lois, has been at Arbor Rose for 2 years. Our whole family is vey happy and grateful for the care she receives. We know she is safe and well cared for. Every day has activities that are fun. We especially enjoy the monthly parties when all the families come together. We do great potlucks. The food is good and the company is better. At Christmas we had a live band with singing and dancing. We look forward to the Easter Egg Hunt with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. Arbor Rose is truly a home that we all feel good about coming to visit. We all feel like family. Thanks, Arbor Rose.

Anne R.

So glad to have this facility in Robinson. The staff is loving, caring, and thoughtful. One big happy family. I know my Dad is bing taken care of. Can call anytime and talk to him.

Sandra B.

Arbor Rose is a beautiful facility. The staff is very friendly and courteous. We are very happy that Uncle Bill is able to live here. There needs to be more facilities like this one. Thank you.

Pam H.

I have no worries with my Dad knowing that he is well taken care of!! I love that everyone tells the residents that they love them and are very helpful to them. I have told several people already about Arbor Rose and how they are so caring!! My dad is “grouchy” but I think he really like this place—you made this his home!! Thank you so much!

Becky S.

They have taken very good care of my mother. I like the way they (staff) handle her with humor. They show a great deal of patience and compassion with her and ALL of their residents. I know she can be a handful at times! I enjoy seeing all the pictures on Facebook as she always has a smile on her face. I appreciate all the care given to her! Thank you!

Sharon P.

We are very pleased with the care Mom has received at Arbor Rose. The fact that you have enough aids and nurses on duty per patient is very important, and the main reason we moved Mom to Arbor Rose. You have a great group of ladies working at Arbor Rose, Robinson. I can tell the residents are well taken care of, and they know they are loved by the ones taking care of them. Any questions we have ever had have been answered in an efficient and caring way. People probably get tired of hearing me talk about how pleased I am with the care and love that Mom has been shown since being at Arbor Rose, Robinson.

Nita S.

Arbor Rose and staff are wonderful. My beloved Uncle is in the best care we could ever dream of. Thank you all for what you do. His quality of life would not be good if not for the loving care and respect he gets here.

Hazel S.

Our time here might be winding down…? 😟
I can’t begin to thank you all enough.
What a lessing that mom could be Home in her home town!
It was so hard to move her from her farm to here. So hard!
However, she thrived here (with a few bumps in the road 😊 ).
She is loved. She is respected. She is happy! She feels at Home. I just know it. God bless you all.

Gail W.

I thank God for Arbor Rose. It has been a blessing for us!

Steven L.

Arbor Rose has been one of the few positive aspects of a difficult time. Having confidence in the care of a loved one is a great blessing. I have a rapport with the staff as if they are family. Here we see other friends from our lives past, and the atmosphere is as comforting and loving as could be. Everyone strives for this goal—no easy task caring for people in their journey home.

Debbie D.

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