Arbor Rose Advantage – Tolono

Our residents love the outdoors so much that the center has been designed to resemble a street scene with a flagstone street surrounding the large center room. Our activity center has store fronts with awnings, street lights, sconces, and trees. The ceilings will be painted to look like the sky, blue with white clouds. The hallway (street) behind the storage closet wall will be used for activities such as bowling, ring toss, lawn darts, beanbag toss, washer toss, Frisbee throw, etc. The seasons will be represented as the winter evergreens become glowering spring and summer trees, and then colorful maple trees will bring on the fall season. We want our resident to enjoy seasonal changes inside and out.

The operators of Arbor Rose believe so much in the advantage of having the residents as active as possible. We have seen improvement in mental and physical conditions and overall enjoyment of life when the residents have been engaged in fun and interesting activities. Because we see the advantage, we have named our activity center the “Arbor Rose Advantage.”

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