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About the App

We created the app to help people understand and apply simple, researched actions that help lower dementia risk. The app is interactive in a question and answer format, empowering people to improve their brain health through proactive lifestyle choices.  The app also highlights areas where individuals are already succeeding, congratulating them and encouraging them to keep doing the right thing.  The brain can grow and shrink our entire life, but the outcome is determined by our choices.  Our choices are influenced by the inputs we allow in our life and the things we understand.  We want to help people understand the most beneficial path, so that they can make great choices. 

We want to be the leader in brain health.  Research shows that by engaging in certain activities, the brain can grow even as we age.  The brain has plasticity, meaning that it can grow and shrink our entire life based on our lifestyle choices.  We want to help people live healthy and  independently as long as possible. We also want to make our app simple, so that everyone can enjoy its benefits.  Our app provides extensive research for more detailed individuals, who want to learn more about optimizing our brain.  Our app is free so that we can have the greatest impact on the greatest number of people.  We want people to live and enjoy life to the fullest.  We have made the app free so that more people can access and benefit from the app.  It is also very simple and easy to use. We are here to serve and help people.


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